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Think PrEP is right for you?

Contact our on-staff nurse for more information or questions.


Here is our clinic’s process for new patients:



Step One: Call for an appointment.

At the first appointment, you will be screened for HIV and STIs and have a consult with our clinic doctor, who will assess your risk, determine if PrEP is appropriate for you and order any necessary lab work. Lab work must be completed at a lab outside of our clinic. If you do not have insurance, we will pay for you to have lab work done at the Geisinger lab.
Please bring your insurance card, if you have one. We will make a copy in case your insurance requires pre-authorization from our doctor.


Step Two: Your second appointment.

The doctor will review your lab work and write a prescription for 90 days of Truvada, as well as schedule a follow-up appointment in 3 months.


Step Three: HIV and STI Testing

Prior to your 3 month follow-up, we will ask you to return for HIV and STI testing. You will have another consult with the doctor, who will review your labs, order additional labs, as needed, answer any questions. If there are no issues with your lab work, you will receive another prescription and the process will repeat every 3 months.
We have a nurse who is available to answer questions between visits. You can contact her at: nurse@aidsresource.com
We do not charge for HIV or STI testing and our Case Manager will help you navigate insurance or apply for the patient assistance program, if you need help accessing PrEP.